Tuesday, September 30, 2008


last night amanda and cory came over for a while. we had a good time :) i didn't do much all day yesterday - just finished the book i had been reading and did some laundry. but then after we put aidan to be, they came over. of course aidan wanted to know what the noise was about so she came out at like 10 or so and played for 15mins then walked her lil butt back to bed and went to sleep. lol

EJ's dad and his wife are coming in town this wkend and so we are making sure everything looks nice before they get here. things on my to-do list so far:

*new allergen reducing house filters.
*EJ has to mow and do the yard.
*clean the garage up a bit.
*steam clean the carpets - bc we are obsessed lol.
*make sure 100% of the laundry in the house is done and hung up/put away.
*re-arrange the dining room.
*pick up the kids' bathroom a bit.
*put all important papers in their spots.
*overall cleaning of the house.

:) today on this list i am doing the normal cleaning stuff that i do everyday, but also doing ALL the girls' laundry and putting it away. I think ill end up finishing all of ours too. ill have more to do by the end of the wk but i figure i can get most of it done now. oh, and im gonna pay some bills today too. ok good day to you :)

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