Friday, October 26, 2012

fall part 1.

well first of all, i should show off my little pumpkin. lol

miller pumpkins1 
things we have been doing...

yesterday we painted sawyer's pumpkin from school "county fair day" (pics of that later) and then our baby pumpkins :)
2012-10-26_001 pumpkin home13 2012-10-26_003 pumpkin home8

reese being silly and saying "mommy? i tired..."
2012-10-26_007 pumpkin home18 2012-10-26_002 2012-10-26_004  then today we went to trader joe's and made pumpkin bread - but we added bananas!!
pumpkin home31 pumpkin home30 pumpkin home26 2012-10-26_006 2012-10-26_005

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