Saturday, February 23, 2013

as a whole.

as a whole, life seems to feel.... good.

reese feels good.

we went for chemo on tuesday. cisplatin first. then etoposide (vp-16). i got there at about 3pm. got a room about 3-4 hours later after hanging out in the infusion room. and then they started chemo at, like 9pm.


one round of etoposide the next late afternoon and we were sent home. high sodiums (about 153?), but we were comfortable handling that. the next afternoon we went back for another etoposide and now we'll just go back on tuesday for labs.


reese has puked a few times a day. we stay on top of it with zofran. one night we did alternate between that and ativan, but over all, it doesnt bother her necessarily. she just pukes and goes back to bed or back to what she's doing after we clean her off and change her clothes.

they say cisplatin's side effects of puking "peak" at day 4-5, so we still have a bit... but she feeeeels good.

she talks, she uses her right hand as an assistant and is much more aware of it, she laughs all day, is sneaky ;), and is just overall so normal.


i made the mistake of watching her "going home" video last night. she was so different. its no wonder that the oncologist is just amazed at "how good she looks!!!" - she was just so weak. didnt really hold herself up, was so... sideways (with her eye and smile) compared to now. all of it was so different.

so today i am thankful of how good she feels. and praypraypray that she only gets better with every chemo treatment.


this past week, ashley and i went around town scouting for new locations. we drove around town with kids upon kids packed into my car.

on thursday night, i let loose. i let aidan and sawyer have a time to remember.

puddle jumping2 puddle jumper5 puddle jumping10 puddle jumping9 puddle jumping7 puddle jumping8 puddle jumping6 

today was a fun day, too. aidan had soccer this morning, then dance at 1pm. we went and ate lunch, came home for naps, then i took ASM to the park while EJ took reese to some guy store that i have no interest in ;)

they did their fave thing almost the entire time.... the swings.

ASM park feb1 ASM park feb2 ASM park feb3 ASM park feb5 ASM park feb7 ASM park feb6 ASM park feb8 ASM park feb9 
tomorrow we have nothing, really. hopefully not a lot of laundry puke.

after my vent session a post or two back, i feel better. i feel like we are at a place where we just are getting into a rhythm and its nice.

i wanted to add this, too -- MILLER'S FIRST BIRTHDAY VIDEO!! ***click!!

also, in the IGs you'll see aidan's hair all up and cute for dance --- i don't think i posted this on my blog, but HERE is aidan and 3/4ths of her mini squad performing their dance for only the 2nd time. and may i say, i think she's awesome ;)

and to answer this question, which i get asked a lot:  when is the next MRI? this i am not 100% sure about, but i *think* it is going to be before we start the next round. that will be 2 months. i will ask on tuesday. :)

alright, on to the IGs of the past few weeks!! (punkfictionv4) -- remember the first hospital pics here are from her sedated hearing test to get a baseline (etoposide can reduce high frequency hearing....)

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  1. So happy that things are better for you guys right now. Your strength amazes me!

  2. A is quite the dancer!! Such a cute video!!! I am so happy you guys are doing so great!!

  3. Love these pictures. You are amazing.

  4. <3 Praying and thankful for some normal and no more puke! :hugs:

  5. So glad the road is looking good! Beautiful pictures!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  6. Beautiful pictures as usual! Reese looks so so good!!

  7. City Micro is the best stroller ever!

  8. I'm not one to add comments normally. Your pictures are fabulous. And your birthday video made me smile, laugh and cry. Miller is beyond precious and has such a beautiful baby girl smile. Your family is the epitome of what a family should be. You are blessed to have four beautiful, talented, loving little ladies and they are so so so lucky to have such amazing parents.

  9. I am so, so damn ecstatic to read that sweet, dear Reesey is doing better. Just the BEST news to read.

    Also, she kind of reminds me a bit of Charlie Brown right now - with the bare noggin' and chevron scar, you know? ;) Lol, little beauty!

  10. oh my gosh. the pics are so beautiful i almost cried... beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, amanda....