Wednesday, February 20, 2013

miller paige is one.

i mean, her entire birthday month is almost over ;)

having a kid in and out of the hospital makes me have to unclench a bit for my ideas about other things in life. i had plans. grand plans. i wanted a bit lovey dovey themed bday party. i wanted a huge cake smash (thats still happening - february isnt over yet. we're going next week) - i wanted it all done before her bday, though.

no such luck.

so instead i collected photos for the month. i collected video that ill be putting together this wkend. i just decided to go with it. and im glad that i did.

brace yourself bc we're going through the life and times of miller paige. and that means a lot of photos lol

1 year stats -----

weight: 19lbs 8oz (wow!!) - 27%
height: 28.25" - 27%
head: 17.75cms - 33%? i think thats what it says.

so lets go through the year.

M day 12

miller 1 miller 2
M day 16
horizontal all girls SB valentine miller newborn6smallreedit valentine miller newborn1small 1 month quilt2
1 month house1
8.5w4 8.5wextras1 miller 3 months3
3mo SB1
miller 4 months1 miller 4 months2 miller 5 months5 miller 5 months1 miller 6 months3 miller 6 months1 miller 7 months2 miller 7 months1 miller 8 months1 miller 8 months2 messy face1
#millerpaige this morning. She misses me :) Much easier when I'm not going to and from the hospital ;) #10months #bfing
#millerpaige ❤❤❤
now she is a year. the shortest year ever, actually. i woke her up on her birthday -- while she wore the same PJs to bed the night before as all of my babies. (you'll notice that she's in reese's room. she has been since reese is down in our room....)

2013-02-19_009 2013-02-19_004 2013-02-19_005

around town on her birthday (some SOOC. some edited)

2013-02-19_007 miller is one DITL1 2013-02-19_006 miller is one DITL4 2013-02-19_008 miller is one DITL21 

cupcakes that week ;) i told sawyer that miller's party wasnt for a while, but she insisted lol
miller cupcake3 2013-02-19_003

which then means bath.
miller cupcake14 miller cupcake12

i took miller out one night for some ACTUAL pics. but i had A and S with me. and we got to the place a bit too late. blah blah. but i just LOVE these 2.
miller is one park2

miller is one park1

then it was parrrrrtttyyyy dayyy!! pam came into town and so 1/2 of these pics are hers, half are mine. some are ashley using my camera. all mixed and edited by me. (or not edited lol a lot of these are SOOC).

i waited to do miller's party bc i thought reese's counts would be too low the wkend after her bday. but actually, that wkend they were already trending upward. but the last wkend, her counts were the highest so we were okay with letting people over to our home.

happy party day, MILLER!!! :)

2013-02-19_010 2013-02-19_013 2013-02-19_012 2013-02-19_011 2013-02-19_014 miller is one party28 2013-02-19_015 2013-02-19_019 miller is one party31 2013-02-19_016
2013-02-19_020 2013-02-19_018
miller is one party43 2013-02-19_022
miller is one party53
2013-02-19_025 miller is one party63
miller is one party65 miller is one party66 2013-02-19_023 miller is one party57 2013-02-19_024
miller is one party67
2013-02-19_027 miller is one party69

a small comparison ;)
miller is one party71 comparison

back out to play with reesey!
2013-02-19_028 2013-02-19_029 2013-02-19_030 miller's party1 2013-02-19_031
goodnight sweet baby...

miller is one party83  

miller is the happiest baby around. she completes us.

she wears 9-12mo clothes. no shoes lol. we BF'd right up until a year basically (until she was OVER IT - it was a workout to BF haha). she goes to most anyone with a smile and no tears - usually. she says mama, baba, and when she's mad she just YELLS. not cries. not screeches. but YELLS. and its loud. she doesnt really like the car. she goes to bed at about 630pm? and takes 1 long tap a day for about 2-3.5 hours. reese is her best friend. even if she doesnt know it yet --- bc she loves to love her. and loves to torture her ;) miller still only cruises - no walking on her own yet. she eats everything in sight. everything. happy birthdayyyyy!!!

so coming up -- video. :) and a recap of chemo from this week.


  1. Happy birthday, pretty girl! She is beautiful!

  2. She is so beautiful! (just like her sisters.:))

    Happy Birthday Miller!

  3. incredible! she is so precious -- all the girls -- and so beautiful.

  4. Beautiful pictures! And such a beautiful family! So glad that she had a good birthday!

  5. You have a gorgeous family!!! Miller is a doll.

  6. I love these pictures! You have such a beautiful family, and happy birthday, Miller! <3

  7. Какая чудная у вас семья! С днем рождения, Миллер!

  8. I absolutely love how you tell the story of your family through simple yet beautifully captured images. You inspire me to make sure to get those moments that we sometimes forget. You have a beautiful family and are loved by so many! Happy Birthday Miller!!

  9. She is beautiful!
    God Bless You and your family!

  10. oh my goodness she is adorable! the bathtub pics are heart melting! :) what sweet girls you have.